Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)

Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)
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Thai noodles can be enjoyed throughout the day from breakfast to lunch and dinner. It is believed that noodle was introduced by Chinese merchants in the reign of Somdet Phra Narai the king of Ayutthaya between 1653 – 1688. This period was particularly lively for foreign merchants in Thailand. Many of Thai noodles “Kuay Tiew” are made of rice flour or wheat flour and egg.

Brush up on your chopstick skills and get your slurping muscles ready, noodle soup is a quick-and-easy staple of the Thai eating experience. Variations in ingredients mean ten different vendors could serve it ten different ways ‘ making it nearly deserving of its own top ten list. Noodles ‘ usually thin, occasionally broad ‘ are served up in a broth with just about any edible meat: pork, chicken, beef, duck, and seafood being the most popular. One sample and you may not stop until you’ve tried them all.

Kuay Tiew Kuay Tiew

Traditionally sold by boat vendors that floated along Bangkok’s canals and rivers, hence the name, these noodles are often bought rather than made at home, due to the many different elements that go into the dish.

Thai noodle dishes are mostly seen on street food markets throughout the day and night. It is worthwhile trying those hot noodle dishes on a street cart. Knowing what they can be made and how they are served will help you what to order.

Thai noodles can be enjoyed throughout the day from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Thai noodles can be enjoyed throughout the day from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

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Type of Noodle Dishes

1. Soup noodle (kuay tiew nam) is a bowl of soup with noodles, meat and vegetables. It can be served with beef, pork, chicken, fish, or meat balls with blanched vegetables in chicken, pork or beef soup.

The noodle and fresh vegetables are usually blanched in boiling clear soup pot until cooked while variety of cooked meat and balls are added into the noodle dish lastly.

Here are popular soup noodle recipes. Egg Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork (ba-mee moo daeng), Noodle with Stewed Chicken Soup (kuay tiew gai toon), these two dishes are Chinese influenced. Fresh Thai Noodle in Fish Curry (ka-nom jeen namya) served with variety of fresh vegetables is traditional Thai’s style recipes

2. Dry noodle (kuay tiew haeng) is a kind of dish similar to soup noodle except that no soup is served.

3. Stir fried noodle (kuay tiew pad) is rice or egg noodles stir fry with oil, garlic, variety meat and vegetables. Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Thai Holy Basil and Chicken (Pad Kee Mao Gai) The dish normally involves frying in a wok over high heat with Thai holy basil leaves, garlic and chilies, choice of meat, vegetables and wide rice noodle sticks.

Noodles can also be made as an appetizer such as Rolled Rice Noodles using rice noodle sheets. The popular recipe is rice noodle rolled with variety of fresh vegetables, diced cooked prawns and served with Thai seafood chili sauce, made of garlic, crushed chilies, sugar, lime and fish sauce.

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