Street Food in Phuket

Street Food in Phuket
UPDATED: 29 Jul 2016 19 Views

Street food in Phuket is among the tastiest and is certainly the cheapest way to experience genuine Thai cuisine. The convenience and affordability (almost everything costs 50 baht or less) make it the meal of choice for Thais, as well as tourists seeking the real local experience. In Phuket, street food can be found on market stalls, large carts, motorbike sidecars, or even in rattan baskets carried across the shoulder of wandering vendors, honking a little horn to announce their presence.

The following list compiles the best street food in Phuket, which are locally popular and are absolute must-tries while you are here.

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Fried Chicken

These stalls provide filling portions of deep-fried chicken drumsticks, wings and thighs, usually served with sticky or yellow rice. With the Thai-style batter, their chicken is significantly tastier – in our opinion - than any similar product available. It is also quite a lot cheaper, so you can easily walk away with a large meal for about 50 baht. The stalls selling fried chicken are generally stationary and are especially common in markets around Phuket.

Fried chicken Fried chicken

Moo Ping and Khao Niao

One of our favourite street food snacks, moo ping is marinated grilled pork on a skewer, usually served with sticky rice (khao niao). The marinade is quite sweet and really tasty, containing fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic and coconut milk. It makes the meat particularly tender and aromatic, though it also makes it quite sticky. Available throughout the day, moo ping is particularly popular as a breakfast.

Khao Niao Khao Niao

Som Tam

Originating from the Issan region in the northeast of Thailand, the spicy and sour salad is now practically the national dish. Not an easy meal to prepare, you will find vendors with giant pestle and mortars attached to their carts churning away at it constantly.