VietNam open bus tickets

Vietnam open bus overview
Vietnam open bus overview

The main feature of the “OPEN BUS TOUR” is that it runs daily services between the main towns where you can alight from your bus, spend the time you like at a certain place, and catch another bus when you are ready to leave, anytime a seat is available. Moreover, on the journey, and at your demand, travelers can stop and alight from the bus and after your stay, board the next available bus and continue on your journey.

 Hanoi – Ninh binh – Vinh – Quang binh – Hue – Danang – Hoi an -Nhatrang – Dalat – Ho Chi Minh City or vice versa.
At these local destinations, many of scenic beauty, you may like to branch out to other places and enjoy sightseeing tours that are available in each town. These tours are conducted by local tour operators and all information concerning the time and places of the bus departure will be given to you as well.
At each of your stops, you should reconfirm in advance (24 hrs) at the nearest booking office, (most likely the place you alighted). The departure time of your next bus will also be confirmed.

  •  Daily departure with different departure times.
  •  Departure on time regardless of small number of travelers.
  •  Various bus types: seating bus and sleeping bus.
  •  Routing throughout Vietnam from South to North and vice versa.